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Functional gym clothing for Australia's active community

Gym wear should serve two purposes: it should be able to handle whatever you throw at it, and you should look damn good in it as well. Beyond that, fitness clothing in the modern age is about more than just loose-fitting activewear that you can sweat it out in. These garments need to be strong enough to test your boundaries and benchmarks. They also need to keep you cool and dry, so you can use that comfort to draw out one more rep, one more spin session, one more go on the treadmill. And then there's the need for gym gear to be flexible; if you are going to push your body to its limits, then your activewear needs to go with you. Top it all off with the preference to be fashionable and on-trend, and there's plenty to consider when you're on the hunt for gym apparel in Australia. Like they always say: look good, feel good.

Based on these values, Gym Clothing Australia's range of gym apparel is designed to provide on-trend, functional activewear for routines of all forms. Work out in front of the mirror; you've earned it.

Experience the difference in our range of fitness clothing

The Gym Clothing Australia collection equips you with everything you need to hit your workouts throughout the year. With a comprehensive range of men's and women's clothing and accessories, there's plenty of gym wear to choose from, no matter your routine. Select from an assortment of gym gear, including high-quality tops, bottoms, singlets, hoodies and leggings – all designed to provide support and flexibility as you power through your workouts. All of our sports compression fitness clothing is made from fabrics designed for shifting conditions, keeping you fresh when temperatures rise, and warm when you're hitting the pavement on a chilly winter morning. Best of all, each item of our compression gym clothing online range is backed by materials designed to cut down on performance and body fatigue. Made from high-end fabrics packed full of features – including quick-dry technology, UV shields and environmentally sustainable materials – our gym apparel supports those across Australia to reach their training and endurance goals.

Enjoy iconic gym wear brands online

Within our range of gym clothing online are some of the most recognised names in the industry, all backed by exceptional features that deliver on comfort and design. Choose from a selection of labels that are designed to deliver a range of men's and women's clothing and accessories that support you in hitting your objectives. Allowing you to push your workouts to the limits and test your abilities, these brands have earned their strong reputations for a reason. Shop our collection of top sportswear labels online now.

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